Learn English in a new way!

Immerse yourself in English-speaking environment without leaving your home, discover effective learning tools, become more fluent and build useful habits with this innovative course.


Innovative learning

Discover effective language learning techniques and tools that will greatly improve your studying process


Custom learning plan

Make English part of your daily life through engaging activities tailored to your learning style and speed


Long-term perspective

Build useful habits to keep improving in a natural and effective way after the end of the course


Green Zebra is a free, high intensity English course for adults. It covers a wide range of skills and activities that will ensure a significant improvement of your fluency. It's meant for upper intermediate and advanced students.


How does it work?

You will watch videos, read articles, solve riddles, learn real-life, advanced vocabulary and do other exciting tasks. Through these daily activities English will find its way into your online interactions, entertainment and embed itself into your routine. You will gradually build a habit of consuming information in English.

Active Learning

The course will also teach you techniques of active learning and introduce you to useful tools. The combination of activities will help you improve your listening and speaking skills, enrich your vocabulary and allow you to keep improving your English in a natural and effective way after the course is over.

The idea of the course

The idea is to improve your listening, speaking and reading comprehension skills, expand your vocabulary, make English part of your daily life and build useful habits that will allow you to keep learning on your own. To make this happen you will watch interesting videos, read inspiring articles, solve riddles, work with interactive flashcards and more.

After 3 months of doing that you will form a habit. Consuming information, entertaining yourself in English and learning new vocabulary actively will become more natural and easy for you. Keep doing that after the end of the course to become more and more fluent in a natural way.

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