Are you stuck in learning English?

So you’re stuck at intermediate and it just doesn’t seem like you’re improving anymore. Maybe your level is even advanced according to tests, but the reality feels different. You don’t really understand much listening to native speakers. You struggle with native content. The vocabulary you use appears limited and primitive. It’s difficult to express your thoughts. You just don’t feel fluent and you’re losing hope.

Additionally, you probably don't have too much time to study and aren't sure how to do it efficiently. You might have heard about creating immersive environment, but you lack motivation to do so. You know that talking is the best way to improve your speech, but even if you are confident enough to try it, you just don't have people around to discuss advanced subjects with. You want to enrich your vocabulary, but you don't know where to find good sources, and even when you learn new words you don't use them in your speech.

All the learners around the globe want to be fluent. They want to be able to discuss different subjects with anyone without feeling constrained by their limited vocabulary. They want to speak beautifully and express complex thoughts freely. They want to understand what other people say, regardless of their accent and speed of speech. They want to consume original content without difficulty, whether it’s watching videos or TV shows, reading articles or even books. Is that your dream too?

If it is, here is the good news: it’s possible! And you are in the right place to make it happen. This free English course offers you a road map to improving your listening, reading comprehension and speaking skills, enriching your vocabulary and building the right habits that will allow you to keep improving long after it’s over.

What's the idea?

Green Zebra is a free course for adults. It will help you immerse in English-speaking environment without leaving your home and teach you effective learning techniques. It covers a wide range of skills and activities that will ensure a significant improvement of your fluency. If officially your level is upper intermediate or advanced (B2-C1), but you face the problems described above, it's for you.

What happens after you subscribe?

After a couple of introductory emails that will prepare you to the course, you will start getting lessons with various tasks once a week. The most efficient way to tackle them is to find a little time to study every day. There will be no spam and you can unsubscribe anytime.

What's in a lesson?

  • an interesting video dealing with subjects like education, creativity, nature, technological advancements and others
  • a list of advanced vocabulary from the video
  • questions about the video to answer
  • an inspiring article to read
  • a challenging riddle to solve
  • a slang expression, an idiom and a phrasal verb
  • another funny video to relax

You will also get access to a chat for English learners where you can discuss tasks from the course or anything else. There is a voice chat option there, allowing you to have live conversations and work on your speaking skills.

How does it work?

Once you'll get a lesson you'll have a week to complete all the tasks. The order in which you tackle them is up to you and depends on how much time you have on a particular day.

You’ll look through the vocabulary and watch the video. This will work both ways, allowing you to understand the video better and memorize the new words easier as you will hear them in context. Since all the vocabulary comes from the video, you'll be learning real-life, advanced expressions that people actually use in their speech.

You’ll then answer the questions aloud or discuss them with other English learners to improve your speaking skills and see how much you’ve understood. If you are too shy to speak at this point, just talking to yourself will help you to practice and build useful skills that you'll be able to use later in real conversations.

You will keep working with the vocabulary during the week using specific tips, effective tools and techniques you'll learn about in your lessons.

The first video, questions and vocabulary are the main tasks of the course. They are meant to improve your listening and speaking skills, teach you to understand native speakers and enrich your vocabulary. Take them seriously. Choose a day or two when you have more time to study to watch the video and answer the questions, since you might have to watch it several times to understand it, especially in the beginning.

You’ll read the article, improving your reading comprehension skills.

You’ll solve the riddle, engaging creative thinking and strengthening your listening skills.

You’ll learn an idiom, a phrasal verb and a slang expression, which will allow you to further enrich your vocabulary, improve your understanding of native content and sound more natural while speaking.

You’ll watch a funny video to relax and work on your listening skills and understanding of native speakers once again.

If you are ambitions about practising and strengthening your speaking skills, you'll use our chat or social media to find a language partner to have live conversations with.

You will keep doing it for three months, gradually improving all the skills mentioned above, becoming more comfortable with English and building useful habits. It will require a lot of determination from you, so you'll get some tips on staying motivated and productive before the start of the course. If you follow them, it will be easier to set up the right routine and stick to it.

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What results can you expect from the course?

The results largely depend on how much you are willing to do. If you actually do all of the tasks, follow the instructions and make an effort to study every day, by the end of the course you will be able to understand native speakers with different accents much better.

You'll be able to watch original videos in English without subtitles. Reading will become easier and more pleasant. Your active vocabulary will grow and you'll become better at speaking. You will be able to discuss a wider range of subjects in English, feeling more confident and using more advanced words, including slang expressions, phrasal verbs and idioms.

Most importantly though, you’ll build a useful habit that will allow you to keep improving on your own. You’ll get used to consuming original content in English every day and will familiarize yourself with effective tools and techniques that will help you to learn actively.


Innovative learning

Discover effective language learning techniques and tools that will greatly improve your studying process



Immerse yourself in English-speaking environment without leaving your home and make English part of your daily life through engaging activities


Long-term perspective

Build useful habits to keep improving in a natural and effective way after the end of the course

What our students say

"I just want to say THANK YOU! All the stuff you are giving us is downright amazing! I am definitely into Ankidroid, it is fabulous! In addition, all the lessons are truly engaging!
Keep it up!"

"Everything you are sending us out is amazing! I am really into the Anki cards (it's an awesome way to memorise the vocabulary) . I really appreciate all that support you are giving us. Thank you so much."

"I very much enjoyed the teaching style and innovative tools for improving my memory! Thanks!"

"I found the course entertaining, and Anki helped me a lot with learning new words. I also liked that there were different tasks: watching, reading, riddles and vocabulary practice. It helped me improve and have fun :)"

Your way of teaching and learning seems to be working! :) I was a bit skeptical at first to be honest but took a leap of faith and it was worth it. I have to say that it took a while to see the results but when I think about my level before the course, I see A LOT of progress. Thanks!


If you need more support while learning, you can get the Vocabulary Workbook as an addition to the course to make sure you’ll memorize all the new words and have a more structured learning process.

What's in the book?

  • 12 engaging lessons as in the course
  • over 280 real-life, advanced expressions
  • links to videos where the vocabulary was taken from
  • over 200 effective exercises to help you learn the new words
  • interactive flashcards with all the words, including pronunciation recordings, example sentences and pictures (where possible) that will make learning the vocabulary easier, faster and more effective
  • creative tasks that will engage your mind and teach you to think in English
  • lots of revision to make sure you won’t forget the previously learned vocabulary while working with the new words
  • answers to all the exercises
  • a final test to see how much you’ve learned

In addition to everything that the course itself provides, you will also work with ready-made intelligent flashcards, do effective exercises that will help you encounter the vocabulary in different contexts and watch your progress. Studying will be easier, more systematic and effective, since all the activities aimed at learning and revising the vocabulary will be prepared for you.

Timely repetition and tackling the new words from various angles will ensure that they will become part of your active vocabulary. This means you will actually start using them in your speech.

To sum it up, you'll have to put less time and effort into studying and will enjoy better results that you'll be able to measure.

You will get the first lesson of the book for free when you subscribe to the course so that you can see what it’s like before you decide whether you need it. You will also get a 35% discount.

Can you use the book alone?

Yes. It’s absolutely self-sufficient, and if you want to focus on enriching your vocabulary, it’s the right tool for you. Since you’ll find links to the videos where the vocabulary was taken from in every lesson, you’ll be able to enjoy a well-structured and extensive learning strategy that covers listening to the vocabulary in context, working with interactive flashcards, doing effective exercises, creative tasks and revising the words you've learned before. You will also be able to test yourself and see how much you've learned when you finish the book.

Where can you get the book?

How much time do you have to spend studying every day?

The beauty of this approach is that it's up to you how much time you can and want to spend studying. Of course, the more you learn, the more efficient it is and the better results you can enjoy faster, but it really doesn't have to be that much. A little something every day is better that a lot of work once a week.

The best strategy is to find a day or two during the week when you have more time, eg. 30-60 minutes to work on the main video and answer the questions. It will be enough to spend about 5-15 minutes studying on the rest of the days. Depending on how much time and energy you have, you can work with interactive flashcards, do an exercise or two, watch a short, funny video, read an article or solve a riddle. It’s important that you do at least something every day though: this will make your learning process much more effective and will ensure you will form a habit of consuming materials in English and learning actively. Even if you only have 5 minutes, use them wisely! This will become the basis of your future success.

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After the course ends, you will keep consuming materials in English every day and actively working on your speaking skills and vocabulary, using the tools and techniques that you’ve learned. It will be easier than before and will keep getting more natural with practice. You will start consuming more and more materials in English, gradually immersing yourself in English-speaking environment. At a certain point most of the information you consume will be in English, and you’ll be doing it without difficulty. You will become a confident speaker, and the range of subjects you’ll be able to discuss will be as wide as in your native language. Your active vocabulary will be constantly growing, allowing you to enjoy even more materials in English and to speak like a native. Needless to say this can only happen if you make a considerable effort. You can start with a small step today!

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